Friday, August 08, 2003

Got the house! 

We got the keys to our first house yesterday afternoon. God, this is awesome! Strangely scary too. It's a lot of responsibility AND a lot of money. I am sooo broke right now.

But enough complaining. There is so much work to do before moving in. The previous owner obviously thought that cleaning was a city in China...what a bunch of pigs, damn! It reeks really bad in this house. I like things to be orderly wherever I live but I am not a `clean freak`. However, the current dirtiness of the house is making me want to be one.

But before cleaning, we will have to remove the old popcorn ceiling, followed by the carpet. Then we will start to see things more clearly and breathe fresh air rather than musky one.


Thursday, August 07, 2003

Howard Dean kicks butt! 

My wife went yesterday evening to the local Howard Dean meetup in Orange county...Governor Dean is definitely rocking the boat of the political establishment: he was on National Public Radio about a week ago, now he is on the cover of TIME

This is a guy who does understand the Internet media as a whole! Please go to your local newstand and grab a copy of TIME!

It stinks that I could not go. Seasonal allergies always get the better of me this time of year. I am getting sick of popping SUDAFED like M&Ms...I wonder what Doctor Dean would suggest instead...?

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Tomorrow 08/07 marks the first month of my trial period at Directv. Yes, DIRECTV!
Two more months to go! God, I hope this works out...I love this place!

Tomorrow is the day I get the keys to my first house....in Long Beach.

I am getting ideas about stuff to do like a veggie garden, set up a personal weather station and attend the local ham clubs meetings...

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