Thursday, August 14, 2003

Too many things...to little time! 

After months of waiting, I am finally naturalized. Yes! So next week, I am off to some convention center in the outskirts of LA to be sworn in with (most likely) another gazillion of my fellows citizens.

Work has been insane lately. I am still getting my feet wet with all the transactional systems in use at Directv but I am nonetheless bombarded with highly critical technical issues to fix...and without documentation. Sounds familiar. Yikes!!!

And our house!! I so underestimated the amount of time required for sanding, staining and finishing our floors. Dang it! We may have to extend our lease by another month. This is going to put a dent in our finances, for sure!!

Too much stuff going on right now....Argh!

Monday, August 11, 2003

Lord, I am old! 

Yesterday, I went to remove the old carpet of our house. I know, I know, I said the popcorn ceiling first but who cares?

The heat in Long Beach was already bad but then, I had to go huffing and puffing, removing HUGE wads of moldy carpet and drag them out in the backyard to be cut and bagged. And I was by myself since my other half had to go grocery shopping and cooking meals for the week ahead.

Today's Monday and I am in pain. From head to toe. Even my butt cheeks hurt and I did not use them (as far as I know) to remove that old and moldy carpet. Hopefully, repeated exercises like that will help me get back in shape. I need it.

Since I did not do all of the house yesterday, I will have go back next w-e to finish the living room. Then, I will have to get down on the floor to remove those damn' staples before the wooden floor can even be sanded.

I love my house but Gawd, it's hard to make it look the way I want.


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